Quality-controlled Workflow

It is of ultimate importance for us here at HQ-translate s.r.o. that every client is happy with the translation and other linguistic services and is eager to come back again. That is why our agency has developed and continuously maintains a state-of-the-art internal workflow environment, allowing us to deliver best possible translation and localization services within often tight deadlines. Proprietary CRM system is run by true professionals - our project managers, one of them to be assigned as your "go-to" person whom you can entrust managing your projects promptly and professionally, while you move on to other important tasks.


Below chart represents standard stages each translation project is going through and typical roles of each party involved.


project levels


At HQ-translate, a project manager does not only monitor the project progress and controls the process, but also promptly provides the client with a comprehensive feedback and relevant tips.


The rapid exchange of information facilitated by an in-house TMS helps save time that the agency staff and the client frequently spend on e-mails and phone communication to clarify the current status.


For almost a decade we serve translation needs of our clients - ranging from that private person living just across the street to the Fortune500 companies usually ordering hundreds and thousands pages for translation. Our task is to correctly evaluate the needs of EVERY client and offer efficient and convenient solutions tailored to those specific needs.


Quality Assurance by Design