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Six good reasons to entrust your translation projects to HQ-translate, s.r.o.:


1. HQ-translate s.r.o. is a registered private company that values its industry reputation - so, please rest assured in the quality of your translations and initially agreed delivery terms;


2. Professional selection of a project team (PM, translators, proofreader, editor) for each order, taking into account target language, industry-specific terminology, set deadlines and other requirements of the client. For jobs with a high level of difficulty (technical, marketing, medical texts) we strictly pick professionals with relevant academic/industry background. Here at HQ-translate we maintain our own in-house-built database of proven native translators to handle the jobs we have;


3. As an integral part of the translation process, we create and maintain extensive databases of translation memories and glossaries for each core client / large volume assignment allowing for terminology and style coherence throughout translated files and same domain assignments;


4. Compulsory final re-reading of translations by a proofreader and layout verification by an editor - things we do before delivery of files to our clients - allowing us to constantly guarantee high quality of the files and content we deliver;


5. Each client is assigned their personal project manager, a "to-go person", whom you can always address your inquiries, questions and concerns. Your project manager will professionally supervise the whole translation workflow process, internally and externally;


6. There is a possibility to arrange our cooperation without making prepayment for your orders (for qualified customers only). You may get a free instant price quote and place an order online through this website. You may also make an online prepayment for our translation services with your credit or debit card at NO extra fees, promptly and securely.