Localization and Adaptation Services

localize website

You've definitely done some shopping on international websites and paid online there.

Did you feel comfortable on those websites you did not understand content or instructions? No.
Will you leave your credit card data on a website in a language you don't understand a single word in? No.


According to recent statistics, more than two-thirds of online visitors will avoid website purchases or contacting a company, if the website is not presented in their native language.


That is why brands with a diversified international strategy should be thinking very carefully about effective localization, instead of just simply translating their content. HQ-translate's range of localisation services will cover all localization and internationalization needs of your business and will help you open new business horizons.

Properly translated and localized website enhances the customer experience by displaying information in their language and leverages your existing infrastructure and functionality to ensure a consistent user experience to maximize your return on investment. With a variety of services from HQ-translate s.r.o., your business is able to significantly improve engagement in the overseas markets and considerable save your internal resource.


A comprehensive package of localization services from HQ-translate includes:


1. Translation and cultural adaptation of texts, subtitles, online platforms;
2. Localization and adaptation of meta descriptions and keywords for websites;
3. Localization of source code, images, graphs, and informational messages;
4. Compilation and functional and QA testing of localized software, sites, multimedia platforms and mobile applications.


Today, HQ-translate provides a full set of translation and adaptation services to ensure that every aspect of the globalization process required to make your business appropriate for the local markets is under control. Our seasoned team leads will help you prioritize the necessary steps to make your brand global.