Proofreading and MT Editing Services

Have you had your files or papers translated by another language services provider or internal staff? Not satisfied with the quality/style of your translation? Or you have used machine translation tool to get the main idea and now want the content to be professionally translated?

We can help.


HQ-translate s.r.o. offers both editing and proofreading - the most comprehensive service available. Proofreading is clearly different from editing, as it generally involves reviewing content of your document to ensure correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and basic style - a careful revision of document language and content coherence. Another basic distinction is that proofreading services involve processing of the target version of the documentation only.

Editing services are more thorough and involve a deeper review of translated texts/documents as well as the source files/papers. Profound editing is a comprehensive and intense process that not only corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation but also revises the content of the writing itself. Editors suggest how to correctly convey and develop ideas, rephrase sentences or paragraphs and provide comments on the clarity and readability. Besides, editing ensures adherence to a particular domain’s style guide or other formatting requirements.


As a rule, here at HQ-translate, proofreading and editing imply going through a formal checklist:


  • Accuracy;
  • Terminology;
  • Language Quality;
  • Logic and Style;
  • Language/Country/Domain Standards.


HQ-translate over the past 10 years has managed to gather its own database of professional proofers and editors, some of them are also brilliant translators, but some - in contrast to the first group - specialize on proofreading or formatting only. Absolute must for such specialists - is to have deep knowledge of multiple style manuals, such as, for example, MLA or APA.

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