Technical Translations

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Every technical item ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace equipment nowadays comes with a user manual or specification. Users of such items can be everywhere - the process of globalization of world economy has created one global market instead of a variety of local ones from past centuries. But it is still a variety of different languages your business, your products must speak in order to be successfully presented on international market.

Whether you have a technical manual, specifications, user guide or policy paper to be translated from your native language into target ones, HQ-translate is a right choice for highly accurate and quality technical translations.

Technical translation services at HQ-translate s.r.o. meet all industry standards in respect to uncompromised quality of translation done by industry-specific experts, terminology consistency throughout the files and formatting preservation. All our industry and technical translators have access to in-house created and commercial translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases, ensuring that translations are both accurate and consistent regardless of the project volume.

The following are some typical technical documents we translate:


  • Installation, operator and maintenance manuals
  • Technical specifications and guides
  • Service manuals and descriptions
  • Policy whitepapers
  • CAD drawings
  • Packaging, labeling
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Technical E-learning modules

We know how it is important not to compromise technical descriptions and instructions - often it is not just a money and reputation matter for clients but also a matter of safe operation and overall workplace security for users of your equipment and technology.


We share this concern with you.


Industry-specific translators and editors with proven work experience facilitate avoidance of errors and inaccuracies in translation while keeping style and language that suit technical literature. All of our translators and proofreaders are native speakers of target languages, and have been tested before being included into our database of approved collaborators.

In fact, only few technical documents come without tables, pictures, figures, and charts. Our staff are apt to handle the full range of localization, layout, and DTP tasks and provide for print-ready documents.

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