Oil & Gas, Energy Industry Translation Service

Today's global economy - is an oil and gas economy. These natural resources are the main source of energy on current stage of technologies development. And, the oil and gas industry is growing worldwide. Many follow news from OPEC and other oil-exporting countries like Russia, Norway or Brazil - these countries are real newsmakers nowadays when energy prices are heavily fluctuating. As the industry expands and global policies change, obviously, communication between all parties subsequently intensifies - so grows the need for a prompt and efficient translation support for such international industry.


HQ-translate s.r.o. has a proven track record of translations for Oil and Gas industry. Our team of technical translators and a proofreader who is a professional oil refining engineer has translated to date many different types of user, operation and installation manuals for drilling equipment, seismic studies, oil refinery working papers, drilling expedition reports, license agreements, contracts and term sheets for drilling and pipeline installation and usage.


The Energy industry is very technical. Clients ordering such translations want to be sure that translators understand the technology behind the text to localize. Our highly-trained technical translators and a proofreader with industry expertise are the people you can outsource your Oil and Gas industry-specific translations. Through the use of the state-of-art CAT and TM tools you can rest assured in the consistency of highly-technical terminology and labeling throughout the whole project, irrespective of its volume. Upon your request, we may prepare a specific glossary of most frequent terms and expressions that translators have faced when translated the text. You can use it for further translations then. Alternatively, we will be glad to study and use your own proprietary termbases, translation memories and glossaries for handling your documents. Our technical staff will process and integrate your data into our software, allowing for it automatic use.


We’ve worked on a host of energy translation projects including:


  • User, installation and operating manuals
  • Strategic studies, marketing materials and PowerPoint presentations
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Supply contacts and license agreements
  • Upstream documents (exploration and production)
  • Downstream documents (refining and commercialization)
  • Energy legislation and policy documentation.