Legal and Court Documentation

Proficiency in legal matters is vital to the well-being of any company. In a multilingual context, such necessity is even more pronounced as many more various risks involved. There is no chance of error when it comes to translating a legal document or transcribing a conversation in another language. That is why translation of legal documentation is more exacting, and is considered more complicated than other technical translations. The legal terminology and language is what makes it difficult because each country has its own legal terminology as well as legal system. Therefore, legal translators shall be experts in legal sphere of the country of the target language and be well familiar with legal environment of the source language country. Failure to strictly follow the spirit of the law is an invitation to disaster – legal and pecuniary. An inaccurate translation could lead to court issues and/or heavy losses pertaining to restitution and other types of compensation.

Accuracy in translation is an absolute must even if the assignment is only for a minor document translation. For legal matters, it is imperative that 100% accuracy be the bottom-line to which all translators must adhere.


With HQ-translate legal translations, you can rest assured about the quality and language of your target translation. Our seasoned legal translators will accurately preserve all ideas and meanings of the source document and will use commonly accepted legal language in the target text.

Here at HQ-translate, we have extensive experience in the translation of legal documents of any kind. Our team of professional, skilled language experts, legal practitioners and project managers makes our company a reliable partner for even the most difficult and terminology-intensive legal translation requests.


Some types of legal documents HQ-translate s.r.o. provides multilingual translations for:


  • Legislation in foreign languages
  • Court documentation (Resolutions, Judgments, Affidavits, etc.)
  • Term sheets, letters of intent
  • Commercial contracts and agreements
  • Patent applications